Series 31 - Futures Managed Funds

The Series 31 examination is required for those who wish to receive trailing commissions on commodity limited partnerships, commodity pools, or managed accounts guided by Commodity Trading Advisers. It is also meant for those supervising these same limited activities. Individuals who take this exam in lieu of the Series 3 cannot open individual futures trading accounts.
Series 31 - Self Study Books
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Our text covers all tested subjects on the exam, including:
  •     General Market Knowledge
  •     General Regulations
  •     CPO / CTA Regulations
  •     CPO / CTA Disclosure Documents
  •     Know Your Customer Rule
  •     Disclosure for Upfront Fees
  •     Disclosure for Costs Associated with Futures Transactions
  •     Promotional Material
Each section is followed by a quiz. Two Series 31 simulated Final Exams with complete explanations are provided to give the user practical experience with the exam format.
(over 90 pages, with over 180 simulated examination questions with detailed explanations)
Series 31 Exam Databank
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Databank Version:

Designed to complement the Self Study Books, the Series 31 Exam Databank provides a convenient and effective method of testing a student's overall comprehension of the material. The program consists of:

  •     7 section exams (a total of 88 questions)
  •     2 Final Exams with explanations (45 questions each)

The Series 31 Exam Databank is available in the following versions:

       On-line - can be downloaded on up to 3 PC's (not apple/mac compatible)
       Web-Based - direct sign on into website from any device, is apple/mac compatible.
       CD-Rom - System requirements:

  •     486
  •     3 MB of hard disk space
  •     Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP
  •     16 MB ram
  •     color monitor
  •     mouse

Series 31 Bundle
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Databank Version:


    Self Study Books
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