testimonials-clients_jpgProfessional & hands on is how I would describe Theresa's style. I was so worried about studying for the Series, being that I haven't been in school for quite some time. From the start, Theresa kept me focused and kept a close eye on me. I took the 6 week course and some private tutoring sessions and I passed the test! Thanks Theresa, see you for the Series 55 and Series 24!

Thomas O'Callaghan
E Brokerage Systems



Just saying thank you doesn't capture my true appreciation for the FAST program. I took the 66 for the first time with another providers study material and failed. Not sure exactly how I was going to approach it again. I turned to FAST and met with Ray. We discussed my concerns and mapped out a disciplined study plan that resulted in great success. This week I passed my exam with an 83% and this time attacked it with more confidence and optimism than I thought was possible. Thank you again Ray! I am grateful to have my life back and couldn't have done it without your advice and guidance. Please thank your staff for taking all my calls and for being true professionals.

Nick G
Merrill Lynch


Ray's class was excellent. I had not been to a class since I graduated college back in 87 and was very happy to have found such an excellent teacher. He made the Series 7 interesting and enjoyable. His skill at teaching is an A+. He made learning easy, with different tricks and acronyms to help us remember. I remember being very nervous, and he put us all at ease and got the whole class involved in the learning process, and it worked! I passed 2 weeks after I completed his course. Thank you Ray!

Leanne E
C.P. Eaton Partners, LLC



Not being the best student in high school and college, Theresa and her team helped me study and pass three series exams administered by FINRA. Without her help, guidance, and support I don't think I would have had as much success as I did. In past experiences with executive coaches I have never had one so vested in my success. Her company doesn't prepare you to just pass, they prepare you to almost get a perfect score. February 16, 2010

Alexander Zaro

Tullet Prebon 



Theresa is the knowledge when it comes to taking securities exams. If you are a seasoned capital markets veteran or taking exams for the first time, Theresa knows how navigate these exams better than anyone. I thought I knew the material after thoroughly preparing for the Series 24, but as the result of the training offered by Theresa, I was able to pass this exam. These exams are exhaustive to take and time consuming to prepare for, Theresa is there to save you this time and effort. February 16, 2010


Tom Cullum
Banquo Credit Management



Theresa does excellent work at a reasonable cost. We had a timeline of about 6 weeks, and she made sure we met this deadline. If we couldn't get together, she made time for me out of her own busy schedule to make sure we got the work done. I have recommended her to many people and I will continue to recommend her. January 19, 2010


Frank Sweeney 

First Brokers Securities



Theresa is a proven professional in her field. She has inspired confidence in her students and has a well established proven track record. I would work with her on any licensing needs.January 19, 2010


Richard W. Murray 

Student, New York University



Theresa provides an excellent training course that will have you well prepared for any series exam to be taken. Theresa's course covers and gives you full understanding of all the material that will appear on the exam. I went into each exam with complete confidence and certainty that I would achieve a passing grade.January 18, 2010

Paul Ebert
Financial Operations Consultant at Buchanan Associates