Series 55 - Equity Trader

The Series 55 examination is required for each over-the-counter Equity Trader. This person must complete the Series 55, in addition to passing the Series 7 examination.
Series 55 Self Study Book
Qty: Price: $185

The Self Study program covers:
  •     OTC Market and Market Maker Activities
  •     OTC Trading Rules
  •     Automated Execution and Trading Systems
  •     Trade Reporting Obligations and ACT Rules
  •     Securities Industry Regulations
Five simulated Final Exams with detailed explanations complete the program.

The Quick 55 book compresses the information from the 300 page Self Study Books into a 100 page summarized review of the most important points that must be known for the exam. This makes an excellent final review prior to taking the actual exam.

(over 300 pages, with over 500 simulated examination questions with detailed explanations; including separate Quick 55 Study Guide)

Series 55 Exam Databank
Qty: Price: $75
Databank Version:

Designed to complement the Self Study Books, the Series 55 Exam Databank provides a convenient and effective method of testing a student's overall comprehension of the material. The program consists of:

  •     Multiple Chapter Exams with detailed explanations for each Chapter
  •     6 Final Exams with explanations

The Series 55 Exam Databank is available in the following versions:
       On-line - can be downloaded on up to 3 PC's (not apple/mac compatible)
       Web-Based - direct sign on into website from any device, is apple/mac compatible.
       CD-Rom - System requirements:

  •     486
  •     3 MB of hard disk space
  •     Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP
  •     8 MB ram

Series 55 Bundle
Qty: Price: $210
Databank Version:


    Self Study Book
    Quick 55
    Series 55 Exam Databank