Series 4 - Options

The Series 4 exam is required for all managers supervising options sales personnel or for individuals supervising options compliance. The prerequisite examination is the Series 7.
Description: Series 4 Self Study Books
Price: $225

The PassPerfect Series 4 relies heavily on graphics to communicate complex options strategies. This is the easiest and most effective way to learn options. The text covers:
  •     Options Strategies
  •     Equity Options
  •     Debt Options
  •     Index Options
  •     Foreign Currency Options
  •     Customer Accounts / Margin
  •     Compliance Regulations
  •     Taxation
Five Final Exams with complete explanations are included.
(over 500 pages, with over 1000 simulated examination questions with detailed explanations)


Description: Series 4 Exam Databank
Price: $135
Databank Version:


Designed to complement our Self Study Books, the Series 4 Exam Databank is a convenient and effective method of testing a student's overall comprehension of the material. Using Databank software prepares the candidate for the actual test by presenting practice questions of similar complexity to that of the real exam.

The program consists of 7 Final Exams drawn from the major topics found on the actual exam. Each question has a detailed explanation that not only explains which answer is correct, but also explains why the other answers are wrong for the more complex concepts.

 And is available in the following versions:       


        On-line - can be downloaded on up to 3 PC's (not apple/mac compatable)
        Web-Based - direct sign on into website from any device, is apple/mac compatable.
        CD-Rom-  System requirements: 

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

3 MP of hard disk space



Description: Series 4 Bundle
Price: $300.
Databank Version:




Self Study Books

Series 4 Exam Databank