In-House Classes


Pass7Fast In House Training is catered to meet your companies unique training needs


What is In-House Training?

Pass7Fast training can be customized to meet your specific needs. Private on-site seminars can be taught wherever you want, whenever you want, and however you want. Custom tailored courses are our specialty. If you seek a full 35 hour 5 day Series 7 Course, a one day full review of Options or anything in between, brought directly to you at your facility, and is cost effective, Pass7Fast is your one and only source.

What are the Benefits of In-House Training?

Training is brought directly to you, therefore employees can maintain productivity by being at the office

Class can be customized by you along with a pass7fast specialist to meet your specific needs

Can be Immediately scheduled, no waiting for the next cycle to begin

Cost-effectiveness, our prices do to the volume of classes we do are the lowest on the Street.

We offer a wide variety of courses....Series 3,6,7,55, 63 and 66 AND the principal exams including the Series 4,24,26,and 27. If you don't see something that meets your immediate needs on our website please call us, as we can create and modify any class to meet your requirements. Arranging a customized In-House Series 7 Class is just a phone call away

Who Do I contact for more information?


Contact: Our In-house Training service team at 212-227-7101 to hear about pricing and scheduling